Acclaim for
Missing Frames
Jeane J.
de Oliveira
Joyce Carol
Henri Cartier-
Israel (Cachao)
Andrei Sakharov
physicist, human right advocate, Nobel Prize Laureate
Father Gleb Yakunin
member of Russian parliament, former political prisoner
Alexander Sokurov
film director
Rick Wakeman
composer, instrumentalist
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
political scientist, diplomat
Alan Cranston
Randy Newman
composer, instrumentalist
Dmitry Likhachev
literary scholar, former political prisoner
Manoel de Oliveira
film director
Joyce Carol Oates
Viktor Nekrasov
journalist, author
Michelangelo Antonioni
film director
Andrei Tarkovsky
film director
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Alexander Kushner
Bella Akhmadulina
Derek Walcott
poet, playwright, Nobel Prize Laureate
Israel (Cachao) Lopez
composer, instrumentalist
...Impressive portraits...
             Mary Panzer, Curator of Photographs, The National Portrait Gallery

.../ I / appreciate your Missing Frames very much...
              Robert Bresson, film director

...Book full of beauty and strength...
             Eduardo Galeano, author

So pleased to have this book!
              Herb Caen, columnist

...Wonderful photographs...
              Andy Garcia, actor

...Truly wonderful book... What an extraordinary collection of beautifully felt moments you have captured in all those amazing faces + spirits.
              Henry Jaglom, film director

These portraits are moving revelations of the inner lives of the greatest intellectual and spiritual heroes and heroines of our time.
We all must do everything possible to support the struggles of those building bridges of honesty, integrity, and humanitarian values across deep twentieth century chasms formed between the experiences of the east and the west. You most clearly are engaged in that, and I highly commend you for it.

              Tom Lantos, member of United States Congress

I hope it has the fine reception it deserves.
              John Le Carre, author

An astonoshing work...
              Alexander Askoldov, film director

People's personalities really come through...
              Alexander Kushner, poet

You are, undoubtedly, a master...
              Yuli Kim, poet, songwriter

Readers - whether or not they are familiar with the subjects - cannot help but be drawn in by the power, dignity and intelligence that radiate from the images. The frames reveal a respite for these "cultural elite", thoughtful pauses in the lives of very active individuals captured by your inquiring camera.
              Monica Levin, journalist, writer

Your book is outstanding not only because of your amazing skill, but because each of your photos is a portrait of Time.
              Peter Veghin, poet

...Portraits in Missing Frames are rich storytellers; with elegance and ease, poignancy and understatements, you inspire and edify. Superb achievement!
              Clara Gyorgyey, president of Center for Writers in Exile, The International P.E.N. Club

The photographs are stunning.
              Mary G.F. Bitterman, President of KQED Inc.

...Most extraordinary book ... It's exciting to see your non-western eye in portraits.
              David Mamet, playwright, film director

...On top of that it is a fascinating album, in which one gets absorbed like in a work of fiction. Even if one tries to compare the characters with their familiar originals, in the end the latter get swallowed up by your 'text', in which, so to speak, Bolkonsky (one of the characters from Tolstoy's War and Peace - translator's note) is more convincing than Volkonsky (Bolkonsky's prototype - translator's note) and ultimately outshines him.
              Anatoly Naman, poet

A monument of an epoch.
              John Bowlt, professor of USC, art scholar

The pictures themselves are inspiring and I am returning to them time and again.
              Wojciech Zalewski, Curator for Slavic and East European collections, Stanford University Libraries

...Inspiring photographs.
              Nancy Pelosi, member of United States Congress

...Photographs are absolutely wonderful: revealing, interesting, and artful.
              Ronald Levaco, film historian

Misha, you are a merciless artist, and that is why, in my unqualified opinion, your album is a superlative instance of art. By "merciless" I mean to say that your camera does not flatter its subject even to the minute extent that a mirror can do. More precisely, the very subject can flatter himself in the mirror when, intentionally or not, and sometimes even unconsciously, he turns before it in such a way as to look "prettier" or "more significant" - lifting the chin, knitting an eyebrow, et cetera. Your camera arrests the subject's turn and removes his grimaces completely. Only the essence remains, and whether it is attractive or not depends on what is in each person's possession. I cannot see any accidental traits in the album, not in one portrait.
              Georgy Vladimov, author

              Bill Berkson, poet, art critic, San Francisco Art Institute

...The greatest number of the photographs (but maybe math has nothing to do with it, it is rather a matter of their intensity) is made up of momentum shots that capture artistic effort. They may reflect a moment of harmony, as in the case of Eduardo Galeano or Rick Wakeman; or of strong dissonance, as in the case of Andrei Tarkovsky or Werner Herzog; even of amusing astonishment or an annoyed grimace, as is with Bulat Okudzhava or Evgeny Rein. But in all cases, it is precisely this effort of overcoming /.../.
So what is this album? A dialogue between Russia and the West? A portrait of an essentially ~lost~ generation? An artist's self-portrait? Maybe also something else besides, whatever each viewer's imagination may suggest.

              Maya Turovskaya, art critic

People are hermetically closed beings. You manage to open them up a little. I was amazed by the portraits I saw.
              Sergey Yursky, actor, theatre director

I enjoyed the excellent photographs...
              Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco


Bulat Okudzhava
poet, composer
Missing Frames

Hermitage Publishers, 1995
ISBN: 1-55779-083-3; $ 24.00

Introduction by Olga Andreyev Carlisle.