Mikhail Lemkhin's exhibitions
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2005;

Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco, 2005;

District Office of Congressman Tom Lantos, San Mateo, California, 2005;

Teunen Konzepte GmbH, Geisenheim, Germany, 2003;

Jewish Museum, Celebration of Freedom 2003, San Francisco, 2003;

The 39th Exposure Gallery, San Francisco Film Center, San Francisco, 2001;

Pietra di Luna Gallery, Hollywood, Florida, 2001;

The Galleria, UC Berkeley Extention, San Francisco, 2001;

Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000;

Amarillo College, Amarillo, Texas, 2000;

Koret Gallery, Palo Alto, California, 1996;

Stanford University, California, 1996;

Belcher Gallery, San Francisco, 1995;

Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, 1995;

Owl and Monkey Cafe, Cafe Arts Month, San Francisco, 1994;

Cafe Les Croissants, Cafe Arts Month, San Francisco, 1993;

Eighth Street Gallery, Berkeley, California, 1993;

Park Lane's Parc Fifty Five Hotel, Trade Expo 1993, San Francisco, 1993;

San Francisco International Airport, 1993;

3287 Folsom, San Francisco, 1992;

Concourse Pavilion, Trade Expo 1991, San Francisco, 1991;

Peter and Paul Fortress, Leningrad, USSR, 1991;

The Lenin Cultural and Historical Center of Ukraine, Kiev, USSR, 1991;

Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco, 1990;

10th anniversary of Panorama Almanac, Los Angeles, 1990;

Stanford University, California, 1989;

St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1989;

Koret Gallery, Palo Alto, California, 1987;

Leningrad State University, Leningrad, USSR, 1968;

Viborgsky Cultural Center, Leningrad, USSR, 1966;

Viborgsky Cultural Center, Leningrad, USSR, 1965.